Guiding Principles


Ten principles.

One winning approach.

We are relationship driven, investing time, energy, and resources to ensure that our team members and customers come first.  Our Guiding Principles provide the framework that allows us to accomplish that mission every day.

  1. Service Customers: Serving our customer drives all we do

  2. Satisfied Customers & Shareholders: Our primary measures of success are customer satisfaction and shareholder value creation

  3. Excellence in Execution: We are a service company with an overriding commitment to disciplined execution

  4. Focus on Continuous Improvement: We have a never ending focus on continuous improvement

  5. Outstanding People: Our potential is only limited by the collective ability of our outstanding and dedicated people

  6. Decision Rights and Resources: We strive to provide our people with the room and resources they need to grow

  7. Smart sense of Urgency: We live, work, and act with a smart sense of urgency

  8. Execution: We are keenly aware that perfection can be the enemy of progress

  9. Entrepreneurship & Limited Bureaucracy: We are an entrepreneurial organization with a minimum of bureaucracy

  10. Positive Community Impact: We desire to positively impact the communities in which we do business